Personal Training

You are an individual. And because of that, I offer individually designed training and nutrition plans to suit your lifestyle and target your goals.

I believe that for my clients to reach their full potential and achieve their goals, they need to be provided with enjoyable training programmes, and provided with flexibility so that their fitness journey can become part of their lives.

My training systems have been developed over decades of training, coaching and learning. This means that when you train with me, you can be safe in the knowledge that you have the benefit of many years of experience and expertise guiding you.

I like to offer my clients as much flexibility as possible. One of the ways I do this is by offering my clients a number of options for their personal training package – training locations, times and prices.
You have two paths you can take when training with Transformations.

One on One Personal Training

This is where you train with me, on your own, during you personal training sessions. You also receive a regularly updated bespoke training plan, designed to get you to your goals as quickly as possible. You also receive a personal nutrition plan, based upon your goals and your own dietary requirements.

This is my premier personal training package. It affords you maximum flexibility and results. Allowing you to train at different times, on different days from week to week.

Semi-Private (small group) Personal Training.

I also offer training for small groups. This is not like a group exercise session. You will still follow a personal fitness programme designed specifically for you and your goals, and follow your own training plan between sessions, and have a bespoke nutrition plan.

The difference to One on One training is that you will train with a small group of people who are all also following bespoke programmes.

There are two reasons why this method might be best for you. One is cost, it is significantly cheaper than one on one training. The other is you may find the group training dynamic helps to motivate you to push yourself.

You can choose to get a small group of friends/workmates together to take a semi-private sessions yourselves, or I can team you up with other like-minded people.

This option is less flexible than One on One training. You will have a specific time slot each week, as opposed the flexibility that One on One training allows.

Small Group Personal Training

Classes explained:

Small Group PT

This is REAL personal training. You will follow your own training programme in your sessions, as well as having a programme to follow between sessions, which will all be designed based upon your goals. You will also follow and nutrition plan based around your goals and lifestyle.
When compared to one on one personal training with me, these prices offer excellent value (4 sessions per week with me would cost £560 per month).

Spaces will be limited to 6 per session and you will need to book your sessions. If you need to cancel a session that won’t be a problem and you will be able to join another session that week, or do an additional session over the following weeks, you don’t lose the session.

If you want to make real progress and to target your goals effectively, personal training is the only way. Generic group exercise classes will NEVER match what can be achieved with personal training.

Commando Fitness

A military fitness inspired workout that will get your body burning masses of calories while also getting muscles working you never knew you had. Achievable for all fitness levels due to options available on exercises. This is unlike any class you’ve ever tried.


Kettlebox is my own blend of kettlebell and boxing training. Half of the class is kettlebell training. Kettlebells have been used for fitness for hundreds of years. They are a round weight with a handle on top and can be used for an almost infinite number of exercises. They are great for strengthening as well as toning.
Our boxing training sees you pairing up with a partner to take turns doing a variety of boxing combinations. Don’t worry if you’ve never thrown a punch before, you will be given expert tuition so that you learn safely and effectively.
This class GUARANTEES to get your heart pumping and the sweat flowing.


These classes are designed to improve your posture and core stability by utilising a series of simple bur challenging exercises. This in turn can help to alleviate any back pain that you suffer from. A form of exercise that is followed by members of the world’s sporting elite (including Serena Williams, the New Zealand All Blacks and Lionel Messi), Pilates is also suitable for people of all ages and physical condition.

I am a highly experienced sports injury therapist and I have worked alongside osteopaths and physiotherapists to help people recover from all sorts of injuries. Therefore if you are rehabilitating or suffering from a particular injury (back or otherwise) please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.

Class payments:

There are a number of options available

  • One class per week (any class) – £20 per month.
  • Two classes per week (any class) – £38 for per month.
  • Pay per class – £7 per class

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6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Small Group PT
  • 6:30 pmSmall Group PT
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Small Group PT
  • 7:00 pmSmall Group PT


Our fitness retreats are designed to help you achieve your goals quickly. Whether being used to boost your current programme, or to help you start a new one, they are the perfect way to spend your weekend.

Our weekends are based at luxury holiday cottages set in the stunning North Devon countryside, yet just 15 minutes from Woolacombe beach, one of the world’s best beaches.

Each weekend features a variety of training sessions, tasty and nutritious food, weight loss and fitness seminars and a traing & nutrition plan to take away.

Our retreats run from Friday lunchtime until Sunday lunchtime, allowing you plenty of time to travel down to us and to get home. You also have the option of extending your stay until Monday morning (at no extra cost!) so that you can relax and enjoy this beautiful part of the English countryside.