About Sean

I started ‘Transformations Personal Training’, in 2004, with a view to putting the personal touch into personal training by allowing my clients to train when and where it suits them best.

Having successfully established myself as one of the leading personal trainers in Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and North Devon, I have recently relocated to Portishead in North Somerset. I am a lifelong exercise fan. From playing school and club football as a child, through 30 years of martial arts training (Karate, Muay-Thai and Kick-boxing, Krav Maga), over 20 years of membership of a wide variety of health and fitness clubs, to running the London Marathon, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience of health, fitness and exercise training.

I have been active throughout my life, from playing football and competing in athletics at school, to playing football at a high amateur level, as well as training and competing in several martial arts, and completing marathons as an adult.

Using this background, combined with professional vocational training, since 2004 I have established myself as a leading personal trainer who understands what it takes to improve health and fitness and is able to apply this knowledge effectively.

I have trained a wide range of clients including celebrities, golf professionals, marathon runners, triathletes, injury and illness rehabilitation clients, pre and post natal, those seeking to get in shape for a special occasion (weddings and holidays are a favourite!). As well as many clients looking for achievable, sustainable weight loss. With successful results!

I have also developed the launched the successful 10×10 Challenge, 10 day online weight loss programme. Allowing people to lose weight and look great without needing to leave their home.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, surfing, enjoying the North Somerset countryside and coastline, and discovering Bristol and Portishead. I have been involved with a number of sports clubs in the past, coaching adults and children, as well as coaching Handball in schools. I intend to continue working with parents, schools and clubs to ensure children grow up enjoying exercise as much as I do.

  • Professional Qualifications

    Future Fit Training - Personal Training & Advanced Instruction Diploma (University of East London Accredited)
    YMCA Fit - Gym Instruction Diploma
    I.T.E.C. (International Therapy Examination Council) - Anatomy, Physiology & Massage Diploma
    Body Training Systems - Bodycombat International Instructor
    OCR Pilates Diploma

Why train with me?

Why Choose Transformations Personal Training?

Having been involved in the fitness all my life, I have a deep understanding of what is required to improve and achieve goals.

I combine this knowledge with my experience of training over 400 personal training clients, and over one thousand group fitness and online training clients, to ensure that my training programmes are the best that they can possibly be.

My training programmes are not based upon the latest trends or fads, they are based on my knowledge and experiences working with a wide variety of clients, as well as constantly studying and learning from the latest scientific research.

Every person who trains with Transformations is an individual and is treated as such. I believe that for each person to achieve their goals, they need to have a training system and nutrition plan that suits them and their lifestyle.

The flexibility that I provide by not only allowing my clients to choose when they train, but also where they train, means that my clients are able to make exercise part of their lives, regardless of how busy they are.

You also have the flexibility of being able to train one on one with me, or my semi-private (small group) personal training.

What should I expect!

To begin with I offer a no obligation consultation. During which your needs and goals will be discussed. After this consultation your first training session will be booked.

Your first session will involve some health and fitness evaluation, based upon your goals. Don’t panic, there is nothing too strenuous and is necessary to ensure that the correct programme is designed for you and to allow us to track your progress.

Your next session will be the beginning of a road to a new you!

Your progress will be regularly re-evaluated, and any necessary adjustments to your training and nutrition plans will be made.

Training Goals

Weight/Fat Loss

Weight loss can be very challenging, especially if you don’t know where to start. There is so much information (much of it contradictory) available that it can be difficult to know which path you should choose.

I believe that best path is one that you can stick to. The training programme needs to be effective and enjoyable, and the nutrition plan needs to be achievable.

I use an initial consultation to learn about you, which will allow me to plan what will work for you. You training plan will evolve as your fitness improves, and your nutrition plan will be adjusted as you lose weight to prevent you hitting a plateau with both your fitness and weight loss.

Your training plan will include a wide range of exercises to encourage your body to burn fat as an energy source, and to increase the rate at which your body burns energy (metabolic rate) for many hours after you finish your session.

Your weight loss will be monitored regularly, and we will take regular circumference measurements to see where you’re body is changing.

Toning and Sculpting

If toning and sculpting your body is your main goal, then you need to follow a training and nutrition plan that will provide your muscles with the fuel they need to develop. Don’t worry, you won’t end up looking like a bodybuilder (unless you want to).

The training plan you follow will be specifically designed for you, depending on your goals and body type. It will also continually evolve as your body will need more challenging training as your fitness improves.
This style of training can be included in a weight loss plan to speed up your progress towards your goals.

Sports specific

If you currently play or compete in a particular sport, or you would like to, I can design a programme based upon the specific requirements of that sport to optimise your performance.

I have trained a wide range of sportspersons, including football, netball and hockey teams (to league titles and national competitions), competitive cyclists, runners, triathletes and a golf professional.
I have also competed in a wide variety of sports myself, so I fully understand the benefits of a specified training plan.

The training plan will also strengthen your body to reduce the risk of injury whilst taking part in your favourite sport, after all no-one like to miss out due to injury.

Postural/core stability and injury rehabilitation/prevention

The modern world has changed the way we live. With many of us spending much more time sitting than we should.

If you suffer from back, neck or shoulder pain I can design a programme utilising training and massage (I am a qualified massage therapist) to improve your posture, strengthen your core muscles and release tight muscles.

I can also design training programmes to help with knee, hip and ankle injuries. Having suffered from all three during my sporting career, I know how debilitating they can be and also how to strengthen the body to reduce pain and soreness.

Date Specific Training (wedding, holiday, work fitness testing)

When time is limited, it is very important that you follow the right training and nutrition plans to achieve your goals with time to spare.

I have trained many people (women and men) for their wedding day. Helping them look fantastic on a day that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

I have also trained numerous people for work fitness tests, including British military entrance tests and Police entrance and public order instructor fitness tests. No-one I have trained for a work fitness test has ever failed!

I won’t tell you something is achievable if it is either unrealistic or unsafe. Together we will set a realistic target in the time available and I will push you to reach that goal, and if we have a little time left over, we will push a little further.

Pre/Post Natal

I have trained a number of women in the run up to childbirth. Including first time mums, and those who have had children before. They have all noticed the benefits of regular exercise, including more energy (essential during childbirth) and the advantages of strong core and pelvic floor muscles. I work with your midwife to ensure that the programme you follow is safe for you and your baby.

And once you baby is born, and your midwife/doctor has approved exercise, we can get you back on the path to regaining your body.