The rudest man ever???

The rudest man ever???

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If you’re on a certain social media site (the book of many faces) you may have encountered one of my periodic sponsored (paid for) ads (all depends on your interests as to whether you would see them).

I run them every now and then, offering something for free (how to lose fat/how to tone your arms guides…that sort of stuff). In exchange for the person’s email address, I then add them to my email list and they get even more free info and my comedy input into their lives on a regular basis.

Sure I hope they buy one of my programmes, but if they don’t that’s cool.

Well I had a response to my alien abduction from one such lady. She’s had the free guide, free advice, never signed up to anything with me…and I don’t think she ever will.

You see she found the content of my email, and my attitude towards fat shaming offensive…”you’re the rudest man I’ve ever had the pleasure of not meeting” were her exact words.

I’m not being funny, but if she found that email rude it’s a good job she never came to one of my classes/group pt sessions or weekend bootcamps. I’m well know for my use of smut and double-entendres in person.

You see, my attitude towards fitness, and weight loss, is that it’s hard enough without taking it all so seriously. If I spend my whole time ‘motivating’ (whooping and shouting “yeah, let’s go”) and pumping out volumes of info about why you’re doing, what you’re doing, I reckon my clients would get bored pretty quickly.

So, here’s today’s tip, if you want a trainer who takes themselves VERY seriously and feels that it is their MISSION to change you…hit the unsubscribe link at the bottom. I’m really not for you.
However, if you want a trainer who knows their s@it, gets results AND makes you laugh (a horse walks into a pub, walks up to the bar…the barman says “why the long face?”…… see, comedy gold!!!)…well, you know the score.

There’s a 10×10 Challenge starting on Monday for you if you want your abs to hurt throigh more than just laughter. If you want in click here (

Sean (Rude Awakeining) Dullaghan

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