MAN FLU!!!!!!

MAN FLU!!!!!!

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Yep, I have been struck down! Laid low! I have the dreaded lurgy!

Not my fault. I have been SURROUNDED by sickly folk these last few weeks. Everyone has had some sort of bug, so I guess it was inevitable.

So how do I deal with it when I get ill, which happens rarely?

Not well. Not well at all. I don’t like it!

But I always approach colds (that’s all this is really) the same way, eat right, ease back on my training for a couple of days, load up on vitamin C, consume gallons of hot water and natural honey.

I’m pretty much over this one, it kicked in on Wednesday morning, so 3 days in total, not a bad recovery.

I should add that I haven’t taken any time off of work, I even did a couple of runs with clients (I did push one running client back until this morning, but that’s because her training session this week is going to be a step up the ladder).

My point is that, not only does eating right help you control weight and fuel your body for exercise, it also helps keep illness at bay and helps you to recover quickly when you do get ill.

If you want to learn the secrets of my diet there are still a couple of days left to sign up for The Bodyweight Method Spring Journey.

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Sean (sick note) Dullagha

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