The Magnificent Seven….excuses

The Magnificent Seven….excuses

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Over my 12 years as a PT I’ve heard many, many excuses/reasons why people won’t/can’t do what they need to achieve the body and fitness they want. Below are a few of them, and my responses.

1. I don’t have the time to train
a: It takes as little as 10 minutes per day to make a significant
difference to your fitness and physique…get out of bed 10
minutes earlier!

2. I have an injury that stops me exercising
a: Allow an injury enough time to heal, but never use sore
knees, lower back pain etc. as a long term excuse. People
who have lost limbs in wars exercise regularly…so can you.

3. I don’t like meat/fish so struggle with a high protein diet for
weight loss.
a: There are loads of non meat/fish sources of protein. How
else do you think vegans don’t waste away.

4. I don’t like going to gyms or exercise classes
a: Then don’t. There are loads of alternative options from
running clubs to a myriad of fantastic dvd training

5. I get bored of eating the same food.
a: Then eat something different. Stop being lazy and do some
research. Add some herbs and spices. Take cookery

6. I struggle to motivate myself to workout regularly.
a: Find a good trainer. That’s what we do. You don’t even have
to train with them in person. A great trainer can motivate you
from any distance.

7. I like chocolate too much to quit.
a: Then don’t. Just reduce the amount you eat and eat higher
cocoa content chocolate. Cocoa doesn’t make you fat, sugar

To put some perspective on the above list.
I run my own business, have a family that I am actively involved with, I’m in the middle of my 3rd property renovation project in less than 10 years, I have bad knees (had operations to remove damaged cartilage but they’re still problematic), I like biscuits, burgers and cider, I HATE most gyms and find them the most boring places on the planet.
Guess what? I’m still the same weight I was in my mid 20’s (now in my mid 40’s), I’m still single figure percentage body fat, I’m still fitter than virtually everyone I (and you) know.
Now I’m not bragging, I’m making a point that I have the same issues as everyone else, but I choose not to let them dominate my life or use them as an excuse.

If this offends you or you think my answers to those 7 points are rubbish, feel free to unsubscribe, the link’s at the bottom, because my training DEFINITELY isn’t for you.

However, if my answers motivate you, maybe you’re a good fit for The Bodyweight Method Spring Journey starting in 4 weeks time.
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Sean (telling it like it is since 1972) Dullaghan
Transformations Personal Training

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