Still not losing weight? Here’s why!

Still not losing weight? Here’s why!

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I had a PT client quit last week. Other than for financial reasons, that’s a pretty rare occurrence. And this one wasn’t financial, the lady in question just didn’t feel she was getting results.

Okay, I’ll give you a few seconds to digest that, not only was one of my clients not getting results, but I’ve admitted it to hundreds of potential clients (you and the other readers of my emails).

So, now that you’ve picked yourself up off of the floor I’ll give you the reasons:
She didn’t want to train more than the 2 sessions we were doing together each week – I write programmes for all of my clients to follow between sessions but she didn’t want to do them.
She cancelled LOTS of sessions (about half, so really she was only training once per week on average). She had valid reasons for cancelling on many occasions but hardly ever tried to reschedule the missed sessions.
After initial success she relaxed her efforts on her diet, and when the weight loss stopped she never got back onto the diet I had provided her with. I asked her a number of times to keep a diet diary and bring it with her to training, but it never happened.

You see, if you DON’T do what your trainer tells you to do, you CAN’T expect to see the results that you want. It really is that simple. Neither I, nor any of the other great trainers out there are magicians. We could use Paul Daniels’ catchphrase “you’ll like it, not a lot”, but we really can’t do magic.
If YOU don’t put the effort in, WE can’t help you and you’re wasting your money and our time.

So, here’s a breakdown of a few reasons that you aren’t losing weight (by weight I mean FAT!):

1. You’re portion sizes are too big!
All of the main food types we eat (carbs, proteins and fats) contain energy (calories). If you’re eating too much you’ll be taking on too much energy. So even if you eat the right foods in the right ratios, you can still prevent weight loss by eating too much…solution? Simple reduce portion sizes.
2. You’re not training as hard or as smart as you think!
There’s more to training for weight loss than getting a good sweat on. You need to train in a way the elevates your metabolic rate (the rate at which your body burns energy) and keeps it elevated for as long as possible afterwards, 5+ times per week. Combining cardio with resistance training is a good start, interval training combining the two is even better.
3. You’re not being as good with your diet as you think!
It’s EASY to do things that will disrupt your body’s fat burning processes. And taking on too much energy is one of the ways you can do it. “One biscuit won’t hurt”? The average digestive biscuit contains about 70 calories. So if you have 4 cups of tea per day with one biscuit each time that equals around 2000 extra calories EACH WEEK…that’s over 100,000 extra calories per year. A pound of human fat contains 3500 calories. So that one digestive biscuit per cuppa would add almost 30lbs worth of EXTRA calories into your diet each year!
4. You’ve been doing the same things for too long!
Your body will adapt to anything you throw at it. So you need to change what you do regularly to continue to improve. As your weight drops, so does your metabolic rate (after all, there’s less of you that needs fuel). So you need to eat less and train more (by more I mean harder). Unless you’re doing a recovery session, training should ALWAYS feel hard, you should never finish thinking “that was nice”.
5. You’re eating carbs at the wrong times!.
Carbs aren’t the devil’s own food, they’re a necessary component of a healthy diet. BUT most people eat far too many AND at the wrong time. The best time to eat carbs is straight after training (up to 2 hours after is the ideal window of opportunity). Why? When you train you elevate your metabolic rate, from the moment you stop that rate is dropping back towards the base level. So straight after you workout is when your body is burning energy at the highest rate, eat then and any energy your consume will be used as fuel, instead of being stored for later. So if you train at 8pm for an hour, there’s nothing wrong with carbs at 10pm.

So, in a nutshell, you need to put some effort in to undo all of the bad stuff that you’ve done to your body over the years.
Expecting to employ a trainer and for results to magically happen in a few months is ridiculous…and if you do expect that, please don’t enlist my services. I have plenty of people who actually want my help and are willing to put in the effort required.

If you DO want to change and you ARE willing to try, then the best results come from my personal training packages.

However if you can’t train in person with me then The Bodyweight Method Spring Journey will still get you the results you want..IF you put in the work.

It starts in less than 2 weeks!

If you want on board all you need to do is
click here ( .

Sean (doesn’t have a magic wand) Dullagha

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