The Bodyweight Method – Spring Journey – discounted offer…

The Bodyweight Method – Spring Journey – discounted offer…

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The Bodyweight Method Winter Journey is just over half way through.

There have been some excellent successes so far, from members losing substantial amounts of fat to one breaking his (yes the programme is open to guys) personal best 5 kilometre run time.

That said, it’s not as if members haven’t had any blips. It’s a 3 month journey, the odd wobble is inevitable. I plan for them, which is why I offer the support group and individual support as part of the programme. To make sure everyone gets through those blips and continues on their journey.

The Spring Journey is now open for bookings (5 people have already committed and paid their fees). It starts on Monday 4th April, a week after the Easter bank holiday weekend.

The Spring Journey offers EVEN MORE than the Winter Journey. There will be video workouts for all 20 of the training plans. So you have the option training with me through the videos.

Until the end of February you can join the Spring Journey for just £30! That’s £2.50 per week for training plans, nutrition plans and support. From 1st March the price increases to £45, which is still excellent value for money, but I like a discount, which is why I’m offering one.
But don’t waste any time, this offer will not be extended and no excuses will be accepted if you miss the deadline (especially since February has an extra day this year).
If you want to join us click here ( to sign up via Paypal.

I’ve been having a think about the people who I think should, and shouldn’t, join the Spring Journey:

You should join us if:
You want to transform your body and improve your fitness.

You’ve tried gyms, classes, weight loss clubs, and whilst they worked for a while, you soon stopped seeing results and got bored/demotivated.

You want to learn more about nutrition than you have during your whole life, lessons that you can carry forwards for the rest of your life.

You are willing to put in some effort, as long as you see results for that effort.

You can find 30 minutes per day, 5 days per week to do something for yourself ( that’s how long the workouts are).

You really shouldn’t join us if:

You expect to pay you money and get results as if by magic.

You want to give it everything you’ve got for 4 weeks and then give up because you don’t have the time/energy (it’s a 12 week journey, don’t join if you don’t want to put the time in, I have shorter follow-at-home programmes that will suit you better…email me).

That’s about it for those that shouldn’t join us.

So, if you fit into the first list and want tojoin us ( <—-click on that link.

I will be sending you more emails over the next week and a half as the discount period ticks down. Why? Because if you're going to join us, I want you to commit and save some money.

Sean (money saving expert) Dullaghan
Transformations Personal Training

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