Smell the cheese!!!!

Smell the cheese!!!!

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There was a spoof heavy metal band back in the 1980’s called Spinal Tap, I saw them live at the Freddie Mercury Tribute concert at Wembley stadium. They had a spoof album, on a spoof documentary, called ‘Smell The Glove’. This has absolutely nothing to do with this email but I just thought I’d share it.

I had a chance encounter with a self help book this week. It was gathering dust on one of my bookshelves. I’d never noticed it before, it turns out my wife was given it on a ‘motivational day’ at a big London based publishing company she used to work for (she never read it).

I gave it the once over and as with all of these sorts of books, there was a few useful bits to take away.

It was called ‘Who moved my cheese’ and the crux of the book is that, whatever it is you seek in life, if you find it, don’t expect it to be there the next day/week/month/year. The world is constantly moving, and to keep up, you need to do the same.

I like this idea. Far too many people find a nice, comfortable place and just snuggle in hoping it will last forever. Rather than taking steps to meet changes when they inevitably come.

Fitness is the perfect example of this.

If you keep doing the same thing, your fitness will leave you behind. Your body will adapt and find the easiest way to do the stuff you keep doing.

The lesson? Change or decay!

It’s one of the principles I put behind all of my training programmes, constant progression.

For example, The Bodyweight Method Winter Journey method members enter their final 4 weeks on Monday. They will be getting more training programmes to follow for the final 4 week (4 weekly progression is pretty much perfect, how do I know? I’ve tried every possible variation on myself for the last 20 years).
And those that continue into the Spring Journey will receive BESPOKE (I love that word) training plans to follow. They tell me their goals, I give them a training plan to follow (updated every 4 weeks)….they don’t know this yet, it’s our secret :).

If you want in on a constantly evolving programme so that you don’t have to worry about someone hiding your ‘cheese’, that costs just £2.50 per week (if you join by the end of this month you pay just £30 for the 12 week Spring Journey, and if you continue after 12 weeks you pay £30 every 12 weeks until you decide to stop) click here ( .

On March 1st the price jumps 50% to £45…don’t believe me? Wait until Tuesday to sign up and see what it costs you.

Sean (cheese-hunter) Dullaghan
Transformations Personal Training

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