Why I’ll never be PC, and why I don’t care if folk don’t like it…

Why I’ll never be PC, and why I don’t care if folk don’t like it…

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I poked fun at someone on social media yesterday. It wasn’t unprovoked, but was probably unnecessary. But it made me laugh so I don’t care if they got upset.

You see, in a world where EVERYONE watches what they say, for fear of offending someone, I don’t. As long as I believe in my opinion, I’m happy to voice it, and argue my position if needed.

The person (a guy) made a comment on one of my ads for the 10×10 Challenge saying that the person in the before and after photo must’ve been dieting for at least a year…which I did take as a compliment..that she could achieve such results to provoke that comment in just 10 days.
But I didn’t let him get away with it..I had a quick look at his profile photo, and guess what? He’s a fat bloke, I’m not talking a bit chubby, I’m talking proper fat. So my response was simply “How would you know how long it takes?”

To be honest it probably sailed way over his head, but I got a chortle out of it.

You see my programmes do attract a fair bit of negativity, mostly from blokes (hardly ever women) and not always fat blokes, there’s been a couple of “personal trainers” who’ve left negative comments. I’ve looked at their stuff and do you know what? The mediocre fitpro’s I refer to in my emails, these guys have modelled themselves on that template.

You see envy is a terrible affliction, and when you start seeing results from your training and diet with me, you will get some negativity too…it’s merely jealousy. You can choose to ignore it, feel sorry for those that direct it at you…or do what I do and put them in their place (which works best because you only have to do it once, no-one likes being made to look a fool twice).

If you want fat blokes to think you’ve been dieting for a year, join the next 10×10 Challenge by clicking here (http://www.10x10challenge.co.uk/contact.html) . It starts on Monday so the sooner you sign up the sooner you get the course information so that you can start preparing.

Sean (anti-PC warrior) Dullaghan
Transformations Personal Training


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