Why are top ten lists, top TEN lists?

Why are top ten lists, top TEN lists?

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I compiled a list to post on social media recently, mostly aimed at the ‘new year, new me’ fitness brigade…but to be honest it could be used for any changes that you make to your life.

These tips are based upon my own experiences from changes I have made throughout my life (numerous career changes, moving all over the world, changes in my fitness goals – from competitive sport, to body building and marathon running)

The thing is, I could only think of 8 USEFUL tips….so I left it unfinished for a while and then thought “sod it, why do what EVERYONE else does”.

So below is my “Top Eight Tips For Change”

1. Ignore EVERYONE who tells you not to do it. It’s your life. If you make a choice and it’s a mistake, it’s your mistake to make. Some people will always try to hold others back, I believe this is because your change exposes their own inability to change and follow their dreams. Do what makes YOU happy.

2. Expect to meet with difficult challenges along the way. Nothing worth having comes easy, and sometimes it may seem too difficult, but you CAN do it, you just need to keep in mind why you started and what it will mean to you when you reach your goal.

3. Be prepared to need to change AGAIN as you progress. Your goals may change, or you may find that what you were doing will only get you so far along the path. Don’t let it stop you, it’s just a fork in the road.

4. If you think you’re going to need help, ask for it. Don’t press on blindly as that is a sure fire path to failure. There is always someone out there who has done what you are doing, or who has helped others to do it, find them and use their experience.

5. Always remind yourself WHY you started down this path to a new you. EVERY DAY! That way, when things become difficult, you will have in your mind the reason that you are going through this struggle. It’s also a very powerful way to remain positive.

6. Don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon briefly. If you have a day or two when you don’t stick to your plan, that just proves that you’re human. Pick yourself up and move forwards, but use the experience to strengthen your resolve whenever you have a wobble in the future.

7. Reward yourself for EVERY milestone. You should never set out on a path to change without having markers along the way to show your progress. Every time you hit one of those markers give yourself a little rewards to celebrate it.

8. Finally, even if you don’t reach the finish line, that doesn’t mean that you’ve failed. You will still have made a significant change that you should be proud of.

You’re no doubt sitting there thinking “he missed out ‘blah…blah..blah” And you’re right, I did, on purpose (well actually because I didn’t think of them at the time, but feel free to email any additions to me).

So there you go, those tips will help you overcome virtually every hurdle you will hit during your journey.

Talking of journeys, the first week’s results are in from The Bodyweight Method Winter Journey members…I’ll drop you an email tomorrow with a breakdown of a few of the comments but we’re currently running at average 4lbs lost in the first week (still waiting on a few results to come in).

I’m not opening bookings for the Spring Journey, starting in April, until mid to late February, but if you’re keen let me know and I’ll make sure you receive a one-off, one day only offer when I start taking bookings.

Sean (trend setter) Dullaghan
Transformations Personal Training


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