“what do you do when people don’t turn up?”

“what do you do when people don’t turn up?”

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One of my old PT friends got in touch yesterday about a problem she’s been experiencing.

We worked together about 10 years ago and have stayed in touch.

Recently she’s encountered a few cases of clients cancelling sessions late, or not turning up at all. Now I know what I, and my friend Kelly, do isn’t a “real” job, but it is how we earn our living and pay our bills.

She said she was thinking of putting together a contract but was concerned about how her clients would react.

I told her straight..”do it”. I don’t have written contracts but I tell all of my clients the deal with regards to cancellations, and the charges for failing to comply.

I suggested that if any of her clients grumble to add an option in where they pay an additional 30% on their sessions to cover her risk, as opposed to agreeing to a cancellation policy.

You see any clients who have an issue with both options aren’t worth keeping, because they don’t value her for the great trainer that she is (and she is, not as good as me, but still great :))…

Her clients always have the option to leave, and trawl through all of the VERY average trainers that are out there before they find another good one (we’re not rare as rocking horse doo-doo, but almost).

Have a think about it, would you leave a quality trainer who has trained hundreds of people successfully just because they wanted to secure their income in case of a problem YOU cause?
No, neither would I.
(I should point out that I don’t charge in exceptional circumstances…car accident/break down, death in the family, that sort of thing….and recommended she approaches it the same way).

My point here is that, even though it might not be a real job, being a quality personal trainer requires a level of commitment most people don’t have…unsociable hours (we work when everyone else isn’t), putting ourselves through years of study and training (including stuff that we might never need like first aid…I’ve used my first aid skills, but never on a client).

Anyway, enough of my whinging…to be honest I just wanted to let you know that I’m even the go-to guy for other great PT’s…yep, I am that good (and yes I am that arrogant 😉 ).

If you want to work with me, you have to be as committed as I am, nothing less will do.

Sean (simply the best…’yet another shameless rip off’) Dullaghan
Transformations Personal Training


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