The Bodyweight Method, Week 1 results…

The Bodyweight Method, Week 1 results…

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I know I said I was going to send you this a few days ago…good things come to those who wait.

It’s safe to say that all of the Winter Journey members are finding the programme a challenge…it wouldn’t be much use if they weren’t.

However, they are seeing results…weight loss ranging from 2 to 6 pounds.

They are also getting into the swing of planning ahead…knowing what they’re going to eat, when they’re going to train. Sure there have been a few blips. But one of the advantages of a 12 week journey is that the odd blip won’t affect the long term results…which is what this programme is all about.

Here’s just a few of the comments from the private Facebook support group

“Lost 3lb and relaxed over weekend as was away! Can’t moan about that!! X”

“Weighed yesterday and today(after my roast) minus 5lbs. Cant argue with that” ….I particularly like this one, had a full roast dinner and still lost 5lbs.

“Have weighed in today as am away tomorrow, very pleased to have lost 4.5 pounds in 6 days”
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“Morning all, another week ahead of us keep strong, weight lost 4.5 lbs Happy Happy !! Have a good day everyone x”

“Lost 6.1 lb or is my scale broken ?omg never imagined that happy Monday every one”

Those aren’t all of the comments (there are over 20 people on the journey), nor have I just cherry picked the best, they’re the first ones I came to when I went into the group as I wrote this email.

Can they expect to continue those sorts of results throughout the 12 week?

3lbs per week is definitely achievable….6lbs is a bit of a stretch.

Have there been any problems? Of course there have. Over 20 people are making changes to their lifestyles, exercising more often, eating better (and thinking about what they’re eating in advance). These are big changes for people to make. But I guarantee them that after a couple of weeks they will be getting into a rhythm that they can follow for the rest of their lives.

Anyways, I’m going to start taking bookings for the next journey, starting in April, in 4 weeks. There will be a one off ONE DAY offer that I will send out to anyone who has registered their interest in advance.

So if you want a life changing 12 week journey, hit the reply button.

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Sean (smile generator) Dullaghan
Transformations Personal Training

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