How much???????????

How much???????????

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There has been a gradual backlash against the added sugars in food over the last few months.

The latest is a government funded app that scans barcodes to tell you how much sugar is in a product.

Why? Well, because some children in the UK are eating THEIR OWN BODYWEIGHT each year in added sugars. Most people eat too much sugar, but not THAT much.

The Food Industry rolled out it’s usual canon fodder for ritual p@ss-taking on the BBC news this morning.

This poor fool must wonder what he’s don’t wrong. He always gets sent out to defend an a position that Napoleon couldn’t have defended. He trotted out a handful of weak comments which had the dietician on the show almost laughing at.

So what does all this mean to you. Nothing. A big fat nothing. No amount of information, apps, programmes or anything else will help you. Only you can do that. Sure you need to know what you’re supposed to be doing, but come on, in the modern world with virtually every piece of knowledge ever known to mankind at your fingertips, “I don’t know” is the sort of weak excuse the wig-topped chap from The Food Industry would’ve made.

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Sean (never wearing a wig) Dullaghan
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