What came first???

What came first???

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I caught a tv show on the recommendation of one of my class members the other night. It’s all about the future of food.

Mostly guff, but there was one feature about a vegetable based egg substitute. Apparently it tastes and behaves just like eggs, regardless of how you cook it.

Great for vegans who miss out on scrambled eggs for breakfast…but I bet it doesn’t behave the same way as a raw egg when throw at someone on Halloween (yes I was one of those teenagers).

The problem with ALL of these engineered foods is that we have no way of knowing the effect they will have on the human body long term. Regardless of the source, once food is altered chemically or mechanically, it can change the way the human body deals with it.

So I’ll be sticking with the real mccoy and going through my obligatory 2 dozen eggs each week. Yep, 24, you read it right (though I only have about 10 yolks).

Eggs and all other sources of protein (including vegetables) are one of the staples of the nutrition plans that come with my new programme.

The Bodyweight Method – Winter 12 Week Journey starts on January 4th 2016. You can still get the programme at the discounted price of £50 (just 60 pence per day), but there is a limit of 20 people at that price…and I’ve got 10 people on the trial who might just be interested, seeing as they’re all happy with their results so far.

Next week I’ll have a full report on the trial for you, but if the discounted places are gone by then, you’ll have to pay the full price to join. And I am also limiting places.

To read some more details about it, and find the link to book your place click here (http://thebodyweightmethod.weebly.com/) .

I’m afraid you missed the £10 deposit option that was available last week.


Sean (hasn’t egged a car in almost 30 years) Dullaghan
Transformations Personal Training


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