She doesn’t like me any more…boo hoo :(

She doesn’t like me any more…boo hoo :(

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You know those people who always think the grass is greener on the other side. Don’t you just love them? I do, because no matter how bad a day I might be having, I can always think of them and smile that ‘at least I’m not them’.

You’ll already be aware (if you read my emails regularly, and if you don’t…why?, it’s free info…and a few laughs) that I have an professional stalker…well, stalkers actually…in the shape of the local gym and the “fitpros” that work there.
They copy virtually everything I do, tell lies about the effectiveness of my programmes (never done them so how would they know) and sell cheap-assed versions of my online training systems.

Anyway, one of the instructors used to come to my classes..before she trained as a pt…she actually decided to become a trainer as a result of training with me….I’ve had that A LOT over the years, and I’ve mentored numerous potential trainers who went on to become hugely successful in their own right….owning their own gyms, pt studios, creating fantastic programmes of their own and helping thousands more people in the process.

I like helping new trainers out. I know how good I am, and I know that if I pass on just a chunk of my knowledge and skills, they will become a much better trainer as a result….and I’m all about my industry being manned by GREAT trainers.

The thing is, the woman in question started her college course, came to me for help for a while…then disappeared. I heard nothing from her for months when I bumped into her on a first aid course and it turned out she had gone off to work for “the competition”. …Now that’s her prerogative, it’s her life. But now she’s barely treading water, selling her classes for peanuts to try and get people to attend…charging fees for pt that I have never, and will never charge (barely into double figures) and STILL struggling.

Why? Because she stopped working with me. Sounds arrogant right? My results in mentoring speak for themselves. EVERY trainer who has worked with me has been successful….one heads off to work with someone inferior (actually a number of inferior trainers) and she sinks.

You might be thinking “what’s this got to do with me?”. Well, the same applies. If you are lucky enough to find a great trainer, stick with them, don’t jump ship to someone cheaper, or who promises the Earth…because more often than not it will lead to failure…and great pt’s don’t NEED clients, so if you do leave, you’ll find it very hard to convince them to take you back.

If you want to work with me in the new year, and are luck enough to live in North Devon, you can work with me one on one…or in small group personal training..I have some limited availability.

If you can’t do personal training with me, you can still get on board The Bodyweight Method – Winter 12 Week Journey ( at the discounted price of £50. Five places have been snapped up since I started advertising it on my Facebook page on Monday..and there are 10 people who will be finishing the trial this week end, some of whom have already expressed interest. So if you want to get on board and get my support, training and knowledge for less than 60 pence per day, hit the link above.


Sean (tears of a clown) Dullaghan
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