Rattling cages…

Rattling cages…

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So, following on from yesterday’s email about the sugar tax/obesity debate.

I put a post of the book of many faces yesterday, just to gauge response, and there were some interesting responses.

From cutting spending on obesity related diseases, to allow funding of free gyms countrywide (I like that one), to the obvious ‘we already pay enough tax’ (I agree, but leaving the status quo is not an option.

Anyway, it got me thinking, what if the government did cut spending on obesity…especially gastric bypasses/bands, to fund healthy choice options (personal training, gym memberships etc), would it work?

Sadly I don’t think free gym memberships would work…there are a myriad of free exercise options out there, yet the majority of people still don’t take regular exercise.

Personal trainers, well I know they work, but there would have to be strict criteria for which trainers are used, otherwise it would just be more wasted money on poor services.

The one thing I think WOULD work…take the millions spent on obesity and hand it over to certain shopkeepers (greengrocers, fishmongers, butchers…NOT supermarkets) places where virtually everything on sale is fresh and healthy. Then hand vouchers over to those that are in need (fat people) for them to spend redeeming the vouchers against healthy foods ion the shops.

The above would do 2 things, put healthy options in the refrigerators of those most in need AND get them out of shops where are a large percentage of food available is unhealthy rubbish (supermarkets). Actually there’s a third benefit, it would benefit our ailing high streets and the small businesses that exist on them.

Will it happen…no, not a chance, because the supermarkets would claim that it’s not their fault that people are fat, even though obesity has increased as supermarkets have become more prevalent in our world. Let’s face it, supermarkets only stopped putting sugary junk at tills because they were told to, it wasn’t by choice.

So there you have it, my simple solution to obesity…get fat people out of supermarkets (I even know of a supermarket that provides mobility scooters for customers to use).

The food list for the nutrition plans on The Bodyweight Method can be followed without EVER having to set foot in a supermarket.

If you haven’t already entered the competition to win a FREE 12 week journey, why not? IT’s not just a weight loss programme (though if you need to lose weight, you will), it’s a body transformation programme. Enter it here (https://www.facebook.com/thebodyweightmethod/photos/a.1656705494617267.1073741828.1656700141284469/1656705034617313/?type=3&theater) , unless of course you already have the body of a god/goddess (< is that sexist????)

Sean (supermarket sweeper) Dullaghan
Transformations Personal Training


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