Open this email, it may just save your life!!!!

Open this email, it may just save your life!!!!

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OK, it probably won’t save your life. But it’ll help your body deal with the excesses you’re probably going to throw at it tomorrow.

You NEED to workout today, as late as possible. Because if you do you’ll elevate your metabolic rate which means your body will process the fats, carbs and proteins you consume tomorrow MUCH quicker than if you didn’t workout.

So, which sort of workout…well look below….if you don’t fancy that then go for a 20-30 minutes brisk walk or a 2-3 mile run.

Run on the spot for 30 seconds
Squats – 30 seconds
Press ups – 30 seconds
Sit ups – 30 seconds
Lunges – 30 seconds
Then repeat the above for 1 minute and finally another set for 30 seconds.
so that’s 3 sets of 5 exercise 30 seconds, 1 minute, 30 seconds.
MINIMAL RESTS. You only rest when you NEED to.

And if you say “I don’t have the time”, I strongly suggest you scroll down and hit the unsubscribe link. I don’t want to be mean, but if you can’t be bothered to find 10 minutes to make yourself feel LOADS better tomorrow, you really don’t need to be receiving my tips and advice.

I’m not emailing you tomorrow (I’ll let you have a day off), so Merry Christmas.

I’ve already had people sign up to the discounted offers available to those who enter the free The Bodyweight Method 12 Week Journey competition (they’ve paid in the understanding that they get a refund if they win the competition).

If you want to put your name down, enter the competition here ( . (email me if you don’t have Facebook). .

Sean (life saver) Dullaghan
Transformations Personal Training

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