May the force be with you….

May the force be with you….

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In case you aren’t aware, the biggest film release of the decade is a mere 3 days away.

The latest Star Wars film WILL break all box office records and WILL be amazing…why? Because I say so..oh and Disney owns Lucasfilm now, and they aren’t going to mess up a multi billion dollar investment.

It’s 38 years since the first film came out and changed the world of cinema forever (I didn’t need to look that one up, I was 5 when I went to see it the first weekend it came out, just like I’ve been to see every subsequent film the first weekend…and this one coming up…next Friday).

There’s a reason it has enjoyed such longevity and spanned generations….one word…quality. Regardless of whether you like the series or not, they know their target market and provide them with a premium product that the customer is more than willing to come back to.

And you need to think the same way.

I watched Star Trek, Dr Who and Battlestar Galactica when I was a kid, never got me. So I understand looking at alternative options, but when push came to shove…it was Star Wars every time for me.

You absolutely should look at your options when choosing a PT to work with, it’ll help you see how great certain PT’s are, by comparing them to the vast majority of average ones out there.

And NOW is the time to start comparing if you’re going to do it…not after Christmas, or in the new year…now. So that you can make a decision and ensure that you get the guy (or girl) that you want. Because make no mistake, the great PT’s will be busy come the new year, and you might just be stuck watching James T. Kirk instead of Han Solo.

If I’m your leading man, you need to get in touch soon, I have VERY limited availability in the new year already.

There’s no seamless way of including the link for the free The Bodyweight Method – 12 Week Journey competition, so I’ll just include it here ( .

Sean (Darth Vader….always been a good guy with a bad streak) Dullaghan
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