It’s over for another year…or maybe it isn’t

It’s over for another year…or maybe it isn’t

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So Christmas is over, and the fallout has just started to be realised.

It happens EVERY year, 2 or 3 days after Christmas I get inundated with emails from people looking for help losing the fat they’ve gained over the last month (it’s never just a few days)

My PT business always starts with a phone call where I ask a bunch of questions to get a picture of the person I’m talking to, then if I’m happy with their answers I arrange to meet them for a free consultation (more in depth chat basically).

However, at this time of year, most of the time they don’t get past the phone call. Why?

Well during the call they let it out that they’ve tried to make the right changes every new year for a few years and failed every time, so they’re looking for someone to change that….if that’s you, here’s a little advice NO-ONE can change it but you. There is not a single PT on the planet, nor has there ever been, or ever will be, who can change the way YOUR mind works.

If you have lacked commitment to a change you tell yourself you want for a number of years, then either you didn’t really want it, or you have major commitment issues…either way, you need to change…

Now in the past I’d just tell you that I’m too busy so can’t help, but I’ve changed (it can happen).

As of 2016 I now have a way of helping you (if you’re one of those people described above). The Bodyweight Method 12 Week Journey. It’s the perfect length for you to make a commitment that WILL change you.
Most new gym members quit by the end of February (by quit I don’t mean stop paying, most keep doing that, they just stop going), why? Because they aren’t seeing results and they lack commitment…oh and they have ZERO support from their chosen gym (trust me, I know how these places work, take your money and leave you to it).

My new programme is FULLY supported…that means you have access to me 24 hours a day for the full 12 weeks. So if you have a blip, you can ask my advice, if you feel de-motivated, I’m there…as are all the other people following the programme (there’s a private community group where you can chat with other people following the same programme you are…try doing that down the local gym).

I had double figure sign ups yesterday, and expect much of the same over the coming days.

BUT, every day the price is increasing, by £5 per day, it was £30 yesterday, today it’s £35, tomorrow £40…and so on up to £60 at the weekend.

So if you want in click here ( .

The journey starts next Monday, so the sooner you sign up and get the information, the sooner you can start preparing to change FOREVER.

Sean (change-master) Dullaghan
Transformations Personal Training

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