I’m back baby!!!!

I’m back baby!!!!

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I’ve been a bit off colour with my emails for a couple of weeks (as you’ll have noticed) because I’ve been having a bit of a cr@p time personally, so I took some time to sort out the grey matter (no not my hair!). You see, even I have times where life gets on top of me, I’m not so perfect after all (don’t tell anyone I said that).

Anyways…I’m back…and bigger and badder than ever! (I’m bigger because I’ve been hitting the weights hard, it’s one of my coping mechanisms).

So, in the news this morning was the UK Chief Medical Officer saying that obesity, in particular women’s obesity, is a national crisis and needs to be dealt with NOW!

Good for her. I very rarely like politicians, but she’d get my vote. She was interviewed on BBC news and stated in no uncertain terms that food manufacturers are ‘on notice’ to sort out the rubbish foods they sell, or face a punitive sugar tax!

You know my opinion on a sugar tax, I’m all for it, and she’s coming at it from the ‘target the producers’ angle, which I’m also all for. BUT…that alone won’t solve the issue that a generation of people have with making the wrong choices.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that everyone should treat themselves once in a while. The nutrition plans that come with my new programme, The Bodyweight Method, allow weekly treats (you can even ‘buy’ additional treats by doing extra training…I’m all about incentives).

Education is the key. I spend time every week talking to class members, chatting on social media, and answering emails, about diet issues and what people should be doing.

Talking of social media, I’m running a competition to win a free 12 week body transformation journey on the new Facebook page I’ve created for The Bodyweight Method. To enter justclick here (https://www.facebook.com/thebodyweightmethod/photos/a.1656705494617267.1073741828.1656700141284469/1656705034617313/?type=3&theater) and leave a comment saying why you want to do it. You get a discount on the Winter journey starting on Monday 4th January just for entering.

So, if you’ve got a question about diet, ask.

And enter the competition…you’ve nothing to lose and could find yourself at the start of Spring with a better body than you thought possible.

Sean (sugar daddy) Dullaghan
Transformations Personal Training


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