Cutting the legs off of a troll…

Cutting the legs off of a troll…

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Social media is transforming the world. It is providing a way for like-minded people to communicate across the globe.

But, there is a dark side….trolls. Only these kinds of trolls are never going to get into a scrap with a billy goat, they’d never show their face.

I encountered one yesterday. A woman had posted on a Flakebook sales group looking for recommendations for personal trainers, someone tagged me so I left a post asking what she was looking for.

That was picked up by one of these ugly little creatures who picked on my use of the English language. I’m sure he thought he was being very funny and clever….but, he probably didn’t anticipate me punching back, hard and fast.

I’ve never been one to run from a fight so I took him on, got him on the back foot and very soon he disappeared….I’ve always loved taking on a bully, they always get startled very easily because they don’t expect it. (I also used to big words just to let him know he was trying to punch above his weight)

Now, if you’re planning on a body transformation, weight loss programme, or any other challenge in 2016, you will encounter people who knock what you’re trying to achieve.

There’s a reason for it, they’re jealous and petty…nothing more, nothing less. They would like to be what you’re becoming, but they haven’t got what it takes.

So don’t take it from them. If they haven’t given a thought to your feelings when they make their comments, return the favour. They will back track, try to justify their comments, and then shut their mouths. And you’ll be able to continue with your mission.

If your mission is body transformation, you really should be looking at The Bodyweight Method 12 Week Journey. Why my programme over all of the others? You know what I can deliver, you’ve read my emails so understand my knowledge base. You could always go to another programme because it’s cheaper, but does the creator really know what you need?

You can still enter the competition to win a free 12 week journey here ( .

Sean (troll-kicker) Dullaghan
Transformations Personal Training

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