Blatant sales pitch…don’t open if you don’t want to train with me in the new year

Blatant sales pitch…don’t open if you don’t want to train with me in the new year

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I hope that you had a great Christmas.

Now that it’s over it’s time to look at your future.

There’s just 12 hours to enter THE Bodyweight Method – 12 Week Journey competition.

The chance to win a free 12 week follow-at-home programme with guaranteed body transformation results.

At 8pm tonight (UK time) I will choose a winner based upon my favourite response to the question “Why do you want to do the course”.

You can enter the competition here ( .

And you get a significant discount on the course starting on Monday 4th January 2016 just for entering.
The first 5 people to book will pay just £30…half the standard £60 price
The next 5 will pay £35
The next 5 £40
everyone else who enters still gets a significant discount paying just £45…a 25 % discount.

So what’s it all about…well, in brief
– A variety of nutrition plans, with differing levels of challenge and flexibility, designed to fit into your life, not for you life to fit around them
– 60 workouts…yes SIXTY! Considering most dedicated gym goers follow roughly 10 different workouts per year, that’s pretty much a lifetime supply of expertly designed workouts.
– Private support group where you can ask questions and chat with other members
– Recipe ideas to help you choose what to eat
– A weekly webchat so that you can ask questions live.

So if you want in, click here ( .. .

Sean (the clock is ticking) Dullaghan
Transformations Personal Training

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