What you could learn from a teenager…


What you could learn from a teenager…

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My babysitter had a baby of her own less than 4 weeks ago (26 days to be precise).

She has also been coming to my classes regularly for over a year, her last class was a TRX class just 2 days before she gave birth.

I launched a brand new high energy class last night, Commando Fitness, and guess what, SHE’S BACK! (sterling work Kit)

Even I was surprised, I was expecting her to give it another couple of weeks..

Now you might be thinking, she’s a mum who knows her own body…she’s also just 18 and the baby was her first…and she’s still back less than a month after dropping.

I lose count how many people I see, or who drop me a message EVERY MONTH, who say stuff like “I’m coming back soon”, or “I need to get back to training with you” and NONE of them make it within a month.

If you’re procrastinating about getting back to it, ask yourself “Do I have less motivation than a new mum?” If the answer is no than stop thinking about it and start doing it.

We also had a brand newbie yesterday, another lady who hasn’t trained since she gave birth…but now she’s back on the fitness train and is going places.

If you need a kick in the backside…sorry I meant kick start, the 10×10 Challenge (http://www.10x10challenge.co.uk/contact.html) is a great way to get the ball rolling again. I had 3 sign ups yesterday from a little bit of advertising, complete newbies, no questions, no thinking about it, just signed up and got their welcome packs so that they’re ready to roll.

Sean (mum’s best friend) Dullaghan
Transformations Personal Training


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