The Bodyweight Method trial, week 1 results..

The Bodyweight Method trial, week 1 results..

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The Bodyweight Method triallists have reached the end of week one.

For the first week they were allowed to choose which nutrition plan they wanted to follow, from now on I’ll be telling them which one they follow.

The results so far have been

That’s a question that confused both our prime minister and chancellor of the exchequer during the run up to the UK elections back in May.

It’s about cream teas (a south west England thing) you put the clotted cream or jam on the scone first.

The answer is cream, there’s no debating it, I’m right and if you don’t agree you’re wrong, end of story.

There are similar arguments about weight loss. Such as what should I do, lose fat first or gain muscle to increase metabolism first.

The answer to that one is both. Why? Simple, because you can.

If anyone tells you to do one or the other, they’re are wrong (same as those that put jam on the scone first).

Why are they wrong? Because if you gain muscle whilst you aim to lose fat, you’ll shed the fat quicker. Sure you’re weight won’t drop as quickly, but you’ll look slimmer (and isn’t that what really counts) and get into the shape you want more quickly too.

So how do you do both? Simple, train with me. My entire training system is based around increasing lean muscle, and if you want to lose weight you’ll get a nutrition plan that will do that too.

Take the PT client I’ve just trained this morning (that’s right, Sunday morning and he’s doing his pt session). 50+ office worker male, took me on to help him lose weight and get through a hill walking trip. He’s now less focused on weight seeing as he’s dropped a couple of stones (from over 15st to under 13) and is now targeting a half marathon.

Progress, that’s what makes it all worth while.

Today’s the final day to sign up for the final 10×10 Challenge ( of 2015. This is the last weight loss programme I’m running this year. Miss this one and there won’t be another along for 7 weeks.

Sean (cream tea monster) Dullaghan
Transformations Personal Training

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