Silly season is just around the corner….

Silly season is just around the corner….

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By silly season I don’t just mean shopping for stuff most people don’t really need, pants TV, drinking and eating too much.

It’s also the season when you will be bombarded with fitness and weight loss programmes. There will be so much stuff on TV, in magazines, but mostly on the interweb that it’ll feel overwhelming.

Why is there so much stuff? That’s an easy one. Tens of thousands of people are going to start the new year having over-indulged, feeling guilty, and desperate to start the new year on the right path.

And wherever there are desperate people, there are crooks looking to take advantage of them.

Not that ALL of these programmes offer false hope…just the vast majority.

There are LOADS of mediocre “personal trainers” looking to cash in on the new year bonanza.

So, I’m going to give you a little guide for how to choose a great trainer…that’s if you aren’t able to train with me for some reason, because if you can, you should.

Don’t book a personal training session without first meeting the trainer. If they try to get you to pay for their services without first offering you a chance to meet them, they are rubbish…end of!

Does the trainer have their own way of doing things (training system). If they’re just copying what others are doing you have to ask yourself, why? Aren’t they good enough to create their own programme?

Do they offer a complete service. Training sessions, bespoke programme for you to follow between sessions, nutrition planning, support and advice. If not, is what they’re offering worth the investment of your time and money?

Do they have a proven track record? A great PT doesn’t necessarily need masses of experience, but if they have no track record you’re effectively going to be their guinea pig. A track record can be their own history of training, not just in their professional life.

If the answer is no to ANY of the above, look elsewhere. There are LOADS of great trainers out there. Put some effort in, find one and put the effort in during training and you’ll be rewarded with great results.

If you want to work with me (and why wouldn’t you?), but don’t live in North Devon (I no longer commute to London) you have a couple of long term distance training systems available to you.

10×10 Plus. The monthly membership extension of my 10×10 Challenge ten day weight loss course. 2 daily internet video workouts, nutrition plans and Facebook support group. If you want to join this you can do until the end of this year for just £20. Just hit the reply button to take advantage of this offer.

And my new programme The Bodyweight Method. I have trialled this extensively myself and I’m currently trialling it with 10 volunteers. This programme has a variety of new nutrition plans based upon the results you want, 5 workouts per week (20-30 minutes each), Facebook support group AND a weekly group webchat with me. This programme launches the first Monday of 2016, but there are significant discounts available for early booking. Again, hit the reply button for more information.

Sean (Fakebuster) Dullaghan
Transformations Personal Training

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