Make hay while the Sun shines, then dance in the rain…

Make hay while the Sun shines, then dance in the rain…

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I heard one of my favourite dance tracks of the late 80’s/early 90’s the other day..’Naked in the rain’ by Blue Pearl. (If you aren’t old enough to know it, look it up on t’internet).

It’s funny but it got me thinking about the impending Devon Winter (always very wet, even by UK standards) and how miserable and insular the locals become where I live become.

They go into hiding for about 4 months (save for about 10 days over Christmas).

It made me wonder if others do the same, and why they do it.

I love the Winter (proper Winter, cold and crisp), so I don’t get why people hide themselves away, and when they do go out they’re dressed ready for an Arctic Circle trek.

Then I started thinking that maybe they let themselves go, because they can. They’re going to be covered up after all.

Then I thought “what if they didn’t grow the Winter coat? Would they feel more confident going out without more layers than a Lance Armstrong drug cheat lie?”

Which is where the subject of this email comes from.

If that above describes you, then do something about it now. Shed some pounds so that you can enjoy Christmas without starting the new year dressing like a wooly mammoth.

You have almost 3 weeks to the end of November, plenty of time if you start straight away.

If you need my help, the last 10×10 Challenge starts on Monday. You know the story, guaranteed weight loss. Over 350 people haven’t done it so far because it doesn’t work.

If you want in click here ( ….only 2 days left and this IS the last course this year.

Sean (back to the 90’s) Dullaghan
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