“I can’t afford your programmes”

“I can’t afford your programmes”

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That’s a message I received a few days ago from someone.

She had previously said she wanted to do the final 10×10 Challenge of 2015, but decided at the last minute to do a cheap copy that’s doing the rounds where I live.

To be honest I was relieved. She clearly wasn’t a good fit for my programme.

If anyone thinks that £20 for 32 expertly designed and instructed workouts, a proven nutrition plan (over 3000lbs lost cumulatively since the launch of the programme) and an invaluable support group, is too expensive, then they clearly place very little value on their own health and fitness.

To put things into perspective, COMPARABLE programmes cost from £35.00-£49.95. I say comparable because comparison should not be drawn against meal replacement supplement weight loss programmes or cheap/free online training programmes that offer no more than very basic fitness.

It’s a shame for the lady in question, because had she asked I’d have told her about my 10×10 Plus (http://www.10x10plus.co.uk/) offer of £20 for the next 6 weeks training, nutrition and support. Click the link of you want to take advantage of it. From today it means 3 different nutrition plans (including a unique Christmas period plan that will be delivered in mid December), 42 days of 2 different workouts per day (including Christmas Day) and my support throughout the six weeks.

On Monday I will also have another offer for The Bodyweight Method. It will be for the launch of the programme in January. You should ONLY consider it if you want to change the way you approach exercise and food. It’s not an easy programme but it is more flexible than any other distance training programme that I offer. I’ll let you in on a secret, there will be an additional discount offered for those following 10×10 Plus for the next 6 weeks (making that offer above EVEN BETTER).

Sean (sorry, nothing cheap here) Dullaghan
Transformations Personal Training


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