The great British shake off….

The great British shake off….

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Apparently the Great British Bake Off ended last night.

I’ve never watched it, TV isn’t really my thing.

But I do like competition, it’s healthy…well, as healthy as a competition about baking cakes can be.

Now, you’re probably thinking I’m going to launch into a rant about how unhealthy cakes are…but you’d be wrong.

I like a bit of cake, every now and then…emphasis on the BIT and NOW AND THEN…not a lump and not every day…or even week.

And home made cake is infinitely more healthy than some factory produce garbage masquerading as cake…sorry, started to rant there.

The thing is, you need to treat yourself, especially if you’ve been good and got yourself some great results. It’s the only way you will stick to your weight loss plan and continue to get results.

My new programme, the one that I’m trialling myself, allows treats, every week!!! BUT only if you’ve been good..very good…beforehand.

You can still add your name to the list for the trial I’ll be running next month…but don’t commit if you haven’t got what it takes to stick to it for a month…it’s only for people who are serious about getting REAL results.

Today is also 10×10 Challenge ( discount day. Sign up for the next challenge starting on the 19th October by 10pm tonight and you get the challenge for £10, almost half price. Click the link, pay via the yellow button and get GUARANTEED weight loss for a tenner.

And don’t worry, if you get chosen for the trial of my new programme you’ll still be able to do it…and you’ll continue to lose weight.

Sean (baking brownies) Dullaghan
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