The Bodyweight Method trial update….

The Bodyweight Method trial update….

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It’s still going well.

Another week has passed and I’ve trimmed off another 2 lbs.

This week is going to be more intensive. Why?

Because the programme is going to have different levels depending on how committed you want to be.

You can choose to eat biscuits and have a few drinks, and lose a little bit of weight each week…YES you will still lose weight, even though you’re eating that stuff.

Or you can choose different levels of commitment which will each yield better results.

The only thing that is non-negotiable…the training.

This isn’t some weight loss fad, it’s a lifestyle approach. And if you want long term results, exercise is an absolute must.

The trial will start on Monday 2nd November, 2 weeks time, finishing on Sunday 29th November. There will be 10 people chosen. They will be notified next Monday (26th) and will have 48 hours to pay their £50 refundable deposit, or their place will be offered to someone else.

Just like the exercise part of the challenge this is completely non-negotiable. If you don’t pay within 48 hours you lose your place. And if you don’t do all of the elements required, you lose your £50.

This is NOT for people who want to give it a try to see if they like it.

It is for people who are serious about losing weight, toning up, improving their fitness and feeling better about themselves every week.

If that ^^^^^^^^ sounds like you, make sure you’ve got your name on the list. If you’re name’s not down, you’re not coming in 🙂

Plus, by having you’re name on the list you’ll be offered first refusal, AND get a sizeable discount on the programme, when it launches in January 2016. (The first refusal bit is VERY important, you’ll find out why in December).

Nothing to sell today.

Sean (lean machine) Dullaghan
Transformations Personal Training

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