Sometimes cheats do prosper….

Sometimes cheats do prosper….

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The latest10x10 Challenge ( ended yesterday, and one member posted on the Facebook group about her experience.

Can’t survive for long periods without my tea and porridge oh and pears but apart from that diet good. Only lost 6lbs but exercises have toned me up cos my trousers definitely feel looser.”

So…in summary, she cheated by consuming carbs, caffeine and dairy throughout the course (she also admitted earlier in the course to not doing the workouts every day) and STILL lost 6lbs!

Can you imagine what she’s have achieved if she’d stuck to plan strictly?

You see that’s the beauty of the 10×10 Challenge. It’s so effective that even if you don’t follow it to the letter you still get better results than you would from the vast majority of other weight loss programmes around…..oh and you also get my money back guarantee…you don’t get that ANYWHERE else.

There are only 3 more challenges left this year
19th-28th October
1st-10th November
15th-24th November

There won’t be any courses running after that until 2016.

So if you want results like those above (or even better, remember she cheated on the diet AND exercise and still lost almost half a stone in just 10 days), then you’d best get on board.

You can sign up here ( for any one of the 3 courses. Just let me know which course you want to join.

If you’re waiting to see if you get a place in the free trial, don’t forget that priority will go to those who have already worked with me (pt, classes, 10×10 Challenge and 10×10 Plus), and I already have well over 10 names from people who have.

Sean Dullaghan
Transformations Personal Training

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