Played by men with funny shaped balls…..

Played by men with funny shaped balls…..

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That’ll be rugby then.

This weekend is the quarter finals of the world cup, and last night saw the current champions…and soon to be re-crowned if yesterday’s game was anything to go by.

New Zealand wiped the floor with France, but what was really noticeable was that they never eased off at any time….even when the game was pretty much safe, they didn’t take it easy thinking the job was done.

One of the commentators mentioned it, that many teams would have defended their lead, whilst the All Blacks keep pushing for more points.

If you think about it, a lot of people take the ‘defending their lead’ approach to weight loss, especially when they get near to their goal. They stop concentrating on their diet, start skipping workouts, and progress slows as a result. Instead of doing what they should do, which is increase their efforts.

ROUTINE is the key to successful weight loss, both losing and keeping it off.

That’s why the nutrition plans that come with my programmes are all based upon the same list of foods. So that you learn what foods help you to lose weight, and therefore which foods you need to have in the house.

There are only three 10×10 Challenge ( ‘s left this year, the next one starts tomorrow. If you want to learn how to win like the All Blacks, click here ( and hit the yellow button…or don’t and be exactly where you are right now in 10 days time.

Sean (not really built for rugby) Dullaghan
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