Many an old tune…and all that jazz

Many an old tune…and all that jazz

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I mentioned yesterday about the 3 year old’s birthday party I went to.

Well, in addition to that I also had a night out in Plymouth…have you been there…erm, interesting place, reminded me of Slough (my home town), which is not a glowing recommendation for you to visit any time soon.

But, I had a purpose. I went to see Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse live.

If you haven’t heard of them, comedians late 1980’s until now. Character comedy and two of my favourites of all time.

It’s the first time they’ve ever toured together. Even though they’ve been working together for 30 years and are in their fifties.

It was a great night, all old characters so you knew what was coming but laughed anyway.

The reason I’m telling you this is, it’s never too late to start. They’ve had a sell out UK tour after 30 years of never bothering.

So whatever it is you want to achieve.

Whether you haven’t exercised for years and just want to be able to climb the stairs without feeling breathless.

Or you’re training 5 days a week but want to do that marathon/triathlon/climb that mountain, you can do it.

BUT, you have to start the ball rolling.

In Harry and Paul’s case that meant putting behind them the acrimony of Harry running off with, and marrying, Paul’s girlfriend.

Anyway, another thing I mentioned yesterday was ‘Ten Pounds for 10×10 Day’.

It’s today! So if you want to drop some weight before putting it back on again at Christmas click here ( (or if you’ve got friends who do, tell them about it).

ean (loadsamoney) Dullaghan
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