Hover boards, Video calls and touch screen technology…

Hover boards, Video calls and touch screen technology…

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But still no effective magic weight loss pill!

Yesterday was ‘Back To The Future Day’. The day that Marty McFly travelled forwards to in the second part of the 1980’s film trilogy (if you haven’t seen them, check them out).

The film actually got quite a few advances in technology pretty much spot on.

And to be fair, it never predicted a magic weight loss pill…even back in the 1980’s they knew that nothing like that would EVER happen.

The charlatans (no not the band) have tried. ‘Adios’, and all the other fat/carb binding pills that promise “Eat what you want AND lose weight” have been proven to be what they are, complete garbage.

I don’t know a single person who’s lost weight using them, do you? No? Didn’t think so. These products aren’t even being advertised as widely any more. They had their year or so in the Sun, ripped off a lot of desperate women, and slunk back into the shadows where they belong.

You see sustainable weight loss can’t be achieved by taking pills, potions of supplements.

The key to that ^^^^^ sentence is the 3rd word. If you want temporary weight loss, scroll down, hit the unsubscribe button, get yourself on Facebook and find a Herbalife/Forever Living/Juice Plus distributor. They’ll sort you out.

I don’t WANT to work with people who don’t want long term results.

However, if you want to look into the future and see a slimmer, fitter, healthier, happier you, then stick with me.

Not only have I already got the 10×10 programmes that you can jump onto today..10×10 Plus (http://www.10x10plus.co.uk/) can be started any time (3 people took up the discounted offer yesterday)
Or you can join one of the 2 remaining 10×10 Challenges (http://www.10x10challenge.co.uk/contact.html) left this year (the next one starts on Monday 2nd November).
(And just for the record, almost 400 people have lost weight with the 10×10 Challenge and many have gone on to continue their weight loss journey with 10×10 Plus.)

There is also my new programme, The Bodyweight Method, coming at the start of 2016. You can still put your name down for the trial.

Sean (Doc Brown) Dullaghan
Transformations Personal Training


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