Five pence for a plastic bag!!!!

Five pence for a plastic bag!!!!

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If you live anywhere in the developed world, other than England, you’ve probably been paying a plastic bag ‘tax’ for some time.

Last week it was introduced into England, and anyone would’ve thought that world war 3 had started.

People were stealing wire shopping baskets and shopping trolleys because the didn’t want to pay for the bags…can you believe that, actually committing crimes to avoid a 5 pence fee.

The thing is, most of them probably have dozens of the things at, and even if they don’t once they’ve bought a few, all they need to do is keep them for future use.

Yet these cheapskates (let’s face it, that’s what they are) would rather steal.

The thing is, the weight loss and fitness industry is similar. I regularly get people saying that my personal training or my online course are too expensive.

As you can imagine, I have no interest in working with people who are to cheap to invest in the best quality instruction money can buy, so I encourage them to look elsewhere and use cheaper, inferior trainers. That way I get to work with people who want to change are are willing to invest to achieve it.

The thing is, these cheapskates will spend forever jumping form one ‘amazing gym membership offer’ to the next, NEVER achieving anything.

Had they worked with me from the beginning they wouldn’t have just got great results, they would have learned how to continue getting great results on their own.

Like my 10×10 Challenge. Participants get to KEEP the whole nutrition plan forever. All they need to do is reuse it, much like a 5p plastic bag.

If you want you’re very own ‘bag for life’ nutrition plan, the next challenge starts in a week’s time. Click here ( to get on board….or carry on stealing wire baskets (metaphorically speaking)..

Sean (supermarket sweeper) Dullaghan
Transformations Personal Training

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