Feeling sick and realising my best days are behind me….

Feeling sick and realising my best days are behind me….

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I mentioned last week that I’ve set myself a challenge to beat my 400 metres run personal best by my 44th birthday.

Well, training is going……slowly is the best way to describe it.

I have improved the 400m time from last week by 3 seconds.

But this morning I started my speed training, multiple sets of 100m sprints with 90 second breaks in between. I wasn’t disappointed with my times, but I did feel very sick by the end. Made me wonder whether it was worth it.

I’m a long way away from that PB and the road ahead is going to be very challenging (the sickness I felt this morning will be repeated many times if I am to succeed.)

But when I do succeed, the feeling will make all of the pain, sickness, hardship and suffering pale into insignificance.

And even if I don’t succeed (it is a serious challenge, I was the best I’ve ever been as an athlete when I set that PB) the fact that I’ll have given it everything I’ve got and improved my condition and fitness dramatically will still have made it a worth while endeavour.

The same applies to any fitness or weight loss goal you set for yourself. Set the bar high, challenge yourself. That way even failure will feel like a success when you look back at where you came from. And will help drive you onwards.

If you set yourself a very limited goal and fail you WILL feel like a failure. But set the bar high and you’ll be a success no matter whether you make it over it or not.

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Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off the give the big white telephone in the bathroom a hug and maybe give a shout to my friends Huey and Ralph.

Sean (faster than a speeding bullet…well almost) Dullaghan
Transformations Personal Training


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