Confessions of a marriage wrecker…

Confessions of a marriage wrecker…

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I bet you opened this email expecting me to hold my hands up to playing doctors and nurses with married women…I only do that with one, my missus 🙂

You know how I’m always going on about needing to be committed to achieve great results..

How no-one gets results with half arsed efforts..

Well last night I encountered 3 such cases of people being FULLY committed.

The first was a new pt client who trained hard in her first session despite recently having a car accident,
The second was a heavily pregnant (over 39 weeks) class member turning up to her final class, just 2 days before she goes into hospital to be induced (good luck KIt),
The third being another class member who has cancelled a romantic night out to come to a class to take part in a wall squat challenge (good stuff Hannah).

Would you do any one of those 3? If not, ask yourself why not. If I can encounter 3 people in one night who are willing to out that much effort in, so can you….

Anyway..onto this week’s ‘The Bodyweight Method’ report.

Last week I was experimenting with increased exercise intensity combined with proper eating…except for a small treat EVERY day… you think I still lost weight?

Of course I did. Only one pound, but when you take into account I had treats every day, and I’m already in single figures for body fat percentage, that still good going.

Just imagine being able to have biscuits of cake every day and a few drinks at the weekend and STILL lose weight!!!!

Ok, now I’ve got your attention I’ve got a bit of bad news. Whilst the free trial is truly FREE, there is a clause. Because I’m running it to gauge the programmes effectiveness on different individuals I need to guarantee everyone selected does the entire course.
– 4 full weeks of diet and training, following the plan.
– Daily email reports telling me what exercise you’ve done and what you ate .
– Side view and front view photos’s before and after the trial
(with an agreement that I can use them for marketing)
– Weekly weight measurement reports

So, now for the clause. Everyone selected will have to pay a £50 fully refundable fee. If you do all of the required elements you will get you £50 back. If you don’t, you won’t. No exceptions will be made.

If you’ve put your name down and want to withdraw just hit the reply button.

Even if you do withdraw you can still join the next 10×10 Challenge ( where you’ll still achieve amazing results…but there are no treats.

Oh, by the way, people who have already worked with me (personal training, classes, 10×10 Challenge, 10×10 Plus) will get priority on selection for the trial. Why? Because I like to reward those who invest in themselves.

Sean (home wrecker) Dullaghan
Transformations Personal Training

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